I'm Brie. I've been riding for 11 years and I'm from Massachusetts. Buster is a 16 year old Appaloosa gelding.

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20110410 - DVPC CT - XCountry_0367 by DVPonyClub on Flickr.What a sexy trot
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Personal pet peeve about egos and such in the horse world.  I am all for people talking about their success and such but I had it when all they do is brag, brag, brag.  It makes me want to take a needle and deflate the big headedness.  I don’t think it is cool when people only accept championship ribbons because they no longer have room on their walls due to the fact that they only have blue ribbons up their form the little local shows.  Ugh, I know I am better than this to rant about this but I am more proud of someone who is proud of the fact that they just made it to a show and is truly grateful for the opportunity to do so.  I love hearing about the progress that is made and about the rides that went well and even about the struggles that WE ALL HAVE.  I don’t want to hear about how perfect one may think they are.  I don’t want to hear that because you didn’t win what you think you deserve, it was because “the judge just didn’t like you” or that they didn’t like your horse.  A ribbon is really only an opinion that you paid for unless it is against the clock and you beat the time.  So, when one has a ego the size of Texas, one should truly get over themselves and have a slice of humble pie.

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Got to the barn today and Buster was taking a nap. :)
We went for a very colorful ride today. ;)

Sycamore Show

Heading to the ring (Taken with instagram)

Annie - January ‘13

Oh my God, what a pretty mule!

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Lillie Keenan and C Coast Z at Devon Horse Show 2012